Leaning In: Leadership Skills In Today's Practices (1197)
Professional Development |  Leadership
Friday |  3:00 PM -  3:50 PM
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Nan Boss DVM
Best Friends Veterinary Center

Dr. Nan Boss graduated from the University of Illinois CVM in 1985. She owns Best Friends Veterinary Center in Grafton Wisconsin. Dr. Boss has been speaking and writing on practice management topics since 1998. Her client education system, focusing on wellness and prevention, is utilized in hundreds of practices in the U.S. and abroad. Her book Educating Your Clients from A to Z, and her training materials, titled How We Do Things Here, are available from AAHA Press. Dr. Boss is a pioneer in breed-specific wellness, which incorporates DNA testing and screening for genetic diseases into wellness testing and client education. When she's not speaking, writing or working in her own practice Dr. Boss is usually working on a committee or board, having served on the Fear Free Initiative board, the Partners for Healthy Pets board, the VetPartners Career Development Committee and several others at the local, state and national levels. If she's not doing any of that and the weather is nice she is most likely to be found outside gardening or on a long walk with her dog Izzie. She also has a husband and three cats.

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CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 1


Leadership creates a vision for the future of the organization and stimulates members of the organization to accomplish that vision. Many of us end up in leadership positions even though we didn’t really plan to be there. As a practice grows, we feel responsible for more and more people, who are counting on us to know what to do – and many times we don’t. We find ourselves wearing the hats of medical director, goal setter, inventory manager, finance director, marketing director, human resources manager – which may entail being guidance counselor, career counselor, sometimes marriage counselor and all too often garbage can for our team. We tend to be thrust into these roles completely unprepared. Leadership is something you do, not just something you are. Learn some nuts and bolts skills to help you “do” leadership more effectively and to build a positive team culture. We will also focus on women as leaders and how gender affects leadership skills & development.

Learning Objectives

1. How does leadership differ for men versus women?

2. How can we overcome and even capitalize on gender bias?

3. How do you build a positive team culture in your practice?

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