Improve Your Client Experience with a CXO (1244)
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Louise Dunn
snowgoose veterinary management consulting

Louise is a renowned award winning speaker, writer and consultant. She brings over 40 years of in the trenches experience and her business education to veterinary management. Louise is founder and CEO of Snowgoose Veterinary Management Consulting. SVMC works with veterinarians who want to develop a strategic plan that consistently produces results. Most recently Louise received many awards including the WVC Educator of the Year and The Life Time achievement Award in January 2016.<br><br>Besides all aspects of practice management and mentoring, Louise's passions include her husband Joel, Zuri the wonder English mastiff, kayaking, opera and New England Patriot's football.

Presentation Info

CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 1


Every one of us has, at some point, read an article or book, or attended a seminar on client compliance / bonding / experience. We find it easy to bond with pets and treat what ails them, but dealing with human attached to the pet is not only complex, it can be downright overwhelming. Perhaps we can grab a few pointers from hospitals that treat humans. They are focusing on the patient experience and putting someone in charge of changing the experience – the Chief Experience Officer.

Learning Objectives

1. •Determine the type of experience you want your clients to have in your practice

2. •Develop a Client Experience Officer position to focus on your clients

3. •Include and Involve employees in the ‘experience' culture

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