The ABCs of CRIs (1289)
Veterinary Technology |  Emergency/Critical Care
Monday | 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
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Megan Brashear BS, CVT, VTS (ECC)
VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists

Megan Brashear has been a CVT in Oregon since 2000 and a VTS(ECC) since 2004. She lives in Portland and is the Specialty Technician Trainer at VCA Northwest Veterinary Specialists. She is passionate about all things emergency/critical care and enjoys lecturing internationally and helping technicians learn to think critically. In her spare time Megan enjoys exploring hiking trails and waterfalls with her German Shorthaired Pointer.

Presentation Info

CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 2


Constant Rate Infusions are used on a variety of patients to help with a variety of situations. The hour will help you become more comfortable with not only the uses for CRIs, but the math, the monitoring, and the managing of CRIs at both a fixed rate and titratable.

Learning Objectives

1. Explore many uses for CRIs in veterinary medicine

2. Learn how to calculate both fixed rate and titratable CRI math

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