Poisonous Plants Affecting Dogs and Cats (1316)
Companion Animal Medicine |  Toxicology
Saturday |  8:00 AM -  8:50 AM
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center||304AB



VETgirl, LLC

Dr. Justine Lee is the CEO and founder of VETgirl, a subscription-based podcast &amp; webinar service providing RACE-approved, online veterinary continuing education (CE). She currently also practices at the Animal Emergency &amp; Referral Center of Minnesota. Formerly, she was on faculty at University of Minnesota and the Associate Director of an Animal Poison Control Center. Dr. Lee trained at Cornell University, Angell, and University of Pennsylvania. <br><br>Dr. Lee has been published in numerous veterinary journals including JAVMA, JAAHA, JVIM, and JVECC. She has authored several veterinary textbooks and book chapters, along with two humorous pet reference books. Dr. Lee is board-certified in both emergency/critical care and toxicology, and lectures throughout the world. She is passionate about providing clinically relevant CE, and was awarded the Speaker of the Year at NAVC (2011, 2015, 2016). More information can be found at www.drjustinelee.com and www.vetgirlontherun.com.

Presentation Info

CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 2


This 1-hour lecture will review common to potentially life-threatening plant ingestions seen in dogs and cats. The mechanism of action, clinical signs and treatment will be reviewed. The following plants will be discussed: insoluble calcium oxalate plants, cardiac glycosides, lilies, sago palm and more!

Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to recognize the most common poisonous plants affecting dogs and cats

2. Understand the mechanism of action of toxicity, clinical signs, and overall treatment of the top poisonous plants affecting dogs and cats

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