It's Time to Get Serious about the Budget (1332)
Practice Management |  Finance
Friday |  1:00 PM -  1:50 PM
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center||214B



Denise Tumblin CPA
Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates

Denise Tumblin, owner of Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates, provides management, valuation, and transition services to independently-owned veterinary practices across the U.S. She authors the Benchmarks Well-Managed Practice® Study, and is the co-founder and facilitator of the WellMP® Management Groups (companion animal and companion/equine).<br><br>Denise speaks regularly at national and regional meetings on valuation and management issues and has authored numerous articles for Veterinary Economics and Trends.

Presentation Info

CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 2


Achieving a healthy profit margin doesn't happen by chance – it takes planning and focused attention. A budget is truly a treatment plan to nourish the health of your business. If you've avoided a budget because you didn't see the benefit or weren't sure where to start, now's the time to make it happen! We'll cover the easy A, B, Cs of crafting a budget plan.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to develop a budget

2. Identify the revenue and expense metrics to pay attention to and how to score your practice

3. Learn how to identify opportunities to strengthen profit

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