Honey on Chickens? Wound Management of Birds, Part I (1388)
Companion Animal Medicine |  Avian
Friday |  1:00 PM -  1:50 PM
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center||301A



Vanessa Grunkemeyer DVM
University of New Hampshire

Vanessa Grunkemeyer is an ABVP certified avian specialist who graduated with distinction from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She completed a small animal rotating internship and an avian and exotic animal residency at the University of Tennessee CVM and has previously practiced at the North Carolina State University CVM. Dr. Grunkemeyer is currently part of the Animal Science faculty at the University of New Hampshire. Her primary clinical and academic interests include wound management in exotic animals, the care and medicine of backyard poultry, and collaborative teaching and learning strategies. Outside of work, she enjoys photography, gardening, and exploring the outdoors with her beagle/Boston terrier mix named Bird.

Presentation Info

CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 1


Whether it is a chicken that has been attacked by a dog, a parrot that is self-mutilating, or an eagle caught in fishing line, avian patients are often presented to veterinarians for evaluation and treatment of soft tissue wounds. The central goals of this two part presentation are to provide practitioners with the knowledge necessary to fully and accurately assess avian wounds and to discuss how the application of various wound management techniques can influence the healing process in birds. Part 1 will focus on presenting the unique features of avian integumentary anatomy, reviewing the avian wound healing model, and discussing the steps of a complete wound assessment. In part 2, specific wound therapies such as topical treatments, bandaging materials, surgical interventions, and bandaging techniques will be covered. A variety of clinical examples will be utilized throughout the talks to illustrate the progression of a wound through the stages of healing and the application of appropriate therapies during these stages.

Learning Objectives

1. Attendees should be able to describe the progression of normal wound healing in birds and assess where a particular wound is in that continuum

2. Attendees should be able to design a comprehensive avian wound management plan and recognize when that plan needs to be adjusted

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