Anti-oxidants in Veterinary Oncology (1647)
Companion Animal Medicine |  Oncology
Saturday |  2:36 PM -  2:48 PM
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Jackie Wypij DVM, MS, DACVIM-O
University of Illinois

Dr. Jackie Wypij is an assistant professor at the University of Illinois. She is a board-certified veterinary oncologist with advanced training in grief counseling and translational medicine. In addition to helping pets with cancer, her professional interests focus on applied research with a focus on drug repositioning and feline cancer. Dr. Wypij has authored more than 150 publications, book chapters, abstracts, and proceedings and provides community service including committees for the American Association of Feline Practitioners and Oncology-Pathology working group. In her spare time, she chases two toddlers and dances Argentine tango.

Presentation Info

CE Credit(s): 0.24
CE Level: 1


Anti-oxidants are commonly prescribed for their positive benefits in human and veterinary medicine. However, some forms of cancer therapy work through free-radical production. This review will focus on the scientific background behind the pros and cons of anti-oxidant therapy in veterinary oncology patients.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the relevance of free radicals and anti-oxidants in cancer formation and progression

2. Understand the scientific background of the pros and cons of anti-oxidant therapy in pet cancer patients