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Debra Nickelson DVM
PetAg Inc, Secretary American Association of Industry Veterinarians

Debra Nickelson DVM, MBA has enjoyed a variety of veterinary industry responsibilities with professional services, product development and management, delivering continuing education, strategic planning, pharmacovigilance, marketing, technical selling and business development. Currently she manages consumer services with Pet-Ag, Inc, the consumer pet division of PBI-Gordon Corp. Before this, Dr. Nickelson worked with Veterinary Products Laboratories, Schering-Plough Animal Health and Solvay Animal Health. Previous to her industry career, she worked in mixed and companion animal practices, a non-profit clinic, a diagnostic laboratory, and a house call practice. Dr. Nickelson is the Secretary for American Association of Industry Veterinarians and served for a number of years as finance chair of Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation. She received her DVM and MBA from University of Minnesota.

Presentation Info

Audience: CE Pathway: Students & Early Career
CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 2


There are a wide variety of corporate and industry positions available for veterinarians. Private practice experience is generally highly valued as it provides the understanding of the practitioner situation when approaching from the corporate viewpoint. Opportunities exist in sales, technical support, marketing, research, consulting and other areas corporate and industry careers. The process for recruiting, interviewing and hiring can be much more formal than typically encountered in private practices with different focus areas. Corporate and industry salaries generally are higher that private practices and benefits tend to be more standard with health care, retirement, CE, training, vacation, personal time, maternity leave and other benefits consistently provided. Professional advancement within the corporate structure is a difference from clinical practice. Corporate and industry careers provide great opportunities for veterinarians.

This session is part of CE Pathway: Students & Early Career

Learning Objectives

1. Attendees will describe the multiple pathways and opportunities for veterinarians in a corporate and industry setting

2. Attendees will describe the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process for corporate and industry positions

3. Attendees will compare career pathways, salary, and benefits of corporate versus private practice careers

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