Preventing Fear During Feline Veterinary Visits (1913)
Companion Animal Medicine |  Feline
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Ilona Rodan DVM, Dipl. ABVP, Feline
Cat Care Clinic

Dr. Ilona Rodan is passionate about feline medicine and behavior, and strives to help others understand cats and their unique behaviors. She spearheaded feline-friendly handling to prevent feline fear and pain, and to prevent human injury and stress. She has lectured and published extensively on this topic and other behavior and pain-related topics. From 1987 to 2015, she was the medical director and owner or the Cat Care Clinic, Madison, WI. Rodan is the co-editor and author of the book, Feline Behavioral Health and Welfare, which was published in 2015. Dr. Rodan is the 2005 AVMA Animal Welfare Award recipient. When she is not working, she loves walking, hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking.

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The cats’ fear and owners’ stress have a significant impact on the lack of veterinary care that cats receive. Although the veterinary visit seems short to us, the stress usually starts for owners well before they arrive at the clinic, and problems may continue once the cat returns home. Recognizing the causes of feline fear associated with the veterinary visit and taking steps to alleviate the fear will improve the visit and increase safety for both cats and people.

Learning Objectives

1. Cats have a heightened fear response that works to protect them from danger. The many unfamiliar experiences surrounding the veterinary visit can result in fear.

2. Fear often starts at home, but continues through each area of the hospital. It may continue upon the return home, impacting the relationship between household cats and owners.

3. Understanding why this species is fearful and recognizing the specific causes of fear surrounding the veterinary visit aid in the development of a plan for your veterinary practice to prevent feline fear and owner stress, while enhancing the morale and safety of the veterinary team.

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