Role of Veterinary Professionals in Disaster Animal Sheltering (1980)
Public and Corporate Practice |  Disaster Preparedness
Saturday |  3:00 PM -  3:50 PM
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Scott Mason DVM

Dr. Mason has over 21 years of disaster response, training and management. Notable deployments include the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing, Hurricanes Charley, Katrina, Rita and Sandy, and the three large tornado responses in Moore, Oklahoma. He is the Region VI Team Leader for NVRT, a member of VMAT, and a technical specialist on Oklahoma Task Force 1, US&R. He is a former chair of the AVMA's Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues and a unit leader in the Medical Reserve Corp. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and currently operates a small animal practice in Oklahoma City.

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CE Credit(s): 1.00
CE Level: 1


Veterinary professionals are a critical component of management of animals in disaster. From monitoring the safe transportation/ evacuation of animals to managing 'herd health' at emergency animal shelters, there is a need for the veterinary community to be part of the emergency operations plan to safeguard animals affected by disaster. This session will discuss the role of veterinarians and veterinary professionals in managing animal health in emergency animal shelters and related response activities.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn about the critical role veterinarians play in supporting animal emergency planning and response

2. Understand how veterinarians can use their expertise to help manage animal issues in disaster ranging from evacuation and transportation protocols to housing and herd health issues.

3. Learn about the role of veterinarians in safeguarding animal health in disasters.

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