Non-Salmonella Associated Cecal Cores In Turkey Poults (2428_2)
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Dave Fernandez DVM, PhD

Dave Fernandez works for Willmar Poultry Company/AgForte focused on productivity and quality processes of turkey breeding production. He has devoted his career in understanding the relationship of flock health, management and nutrition in optimizing the genetic egg laying potential of a breeder turkey. He finished his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and his DVM from the University of the Philippines.

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Cecal cores in 3 to 10 day old turkey poults are frequently associated with Salmonella infection. Recent field experiences supported by lab reports indicate findings of cecal cores in the absence of salmonella . This investigation was made to determine the possible causes of cecal cores not associated with salmonella and the risk factors that influence its occurrence.