Mortality Surveys, An Important Tool to Evaluate Broiler Breeder Health (2447)
Poultry Medicine |  Management
Tuesday |  4:45 PM -  5:00 PM
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center||221CD



Jose Bruzual DVM
Aviagen, Inc.

Dr. Jose Bruzual received his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Central University of Venezuela. He earned a Master degree in Poultry Science from North Carolina State University and also a Master in Avian Medicine from the University of Georgia. <br><br>Dr. Bruzual has spent time working for major companies including Perdue Farms, Embrex, Inc. (Now Zoetis) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the US. Before coming to the US, he worked with Protinal and Purina in Venezuela <br><br>Dr. Bruzual is part of the Aviagen Global Veterinary Team as a Regional Technical Service Veterinarian. His responsibility includes providing poultry health and management advice to Aviagen customers in North and Latin America, and work closely with the global veterinary team focused on poultry health research efforts.

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CE Credit(s): 0.30
CE Level: 1


The focus of this presentation is to present the mortality survey as a tool to highlight main issues observed in the mortality of broiler breeders and to use those findings to present the results to the customers in a practical way (including percentage) and understanding the trends in mortality when it goes above what it could be considered normal.

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