A Synthetic Vaccine of Biodegradable Microspheres for Controlled Release of Adjuvant and Femtomole-Dosed Peptide Antigens Protects against Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (2456_2)
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Joseph Giambrone PhD
Auburn University

BS University of Delaware 1972<br>MS University of Delaware 1974<br>PhD University of Georgia 1977<br>Professor current

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CE Level: 2


A T cell vaccine with low femtoMole doses of antigen peptides protein antigens was developed. Two experiments optimized IBDV challenge model using SPF leghorn or broiler chickens for challenge dose titration and time of challenge and post-challenge euthanasia. In two high-dose challenge infections initial vaccine formulations were not protective. However, in a low-dose challenge infection advanced vaccine formulations provided 50 and 80% protection.