Clinical and Pathological Characteristics of a Histomoniasis (Blackhead) in Backyard Poultry in Vietnam (2466_2)
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Jong-Suk Mo DVM
Chungbuk National University, CVM

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CE Credit(s): 0.00
CE Level: 2


Histomoniasis is a new disease in Vietnam, which was the first report of the pathological characterization of blackhead in backyard poultry. The clinical signs had seen in an infected flock may just be anorexia, depression, listlessness, cyanosis of head and sulphur-yellow diarrhea. The primary gross lesions in caeca and liver such as caseous core in later stages. Histopathological examination showed moderate infiltration of mononuclear cells, inflammatory cells and multigellated forms of the trophozoite dispersed.