The Efficacy of Three Hydroxyquinolones against Histomonas meleagridis Growth in an In-Vitro Assay (2467_1)
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Lorraine Fuller PhD
University of Georgia, PDRC

Lorraine Fuller received her PhD from the University of Georgia in 1999 from Dr. Larry McDougald. For the past thirty years, her research focus has been the interaction of avian parasites with hosts, and the role of antiparasitics and vaccines in those interactions. She was pivotal in the development of a commercial vaccine for coccidiosis in chickens. She enjoys working with both chickens and turkeys and the parasites that plague them.

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In an in-vitro test of three hydroxyquinolones against histomonas growth, decoquinate suppressed growth at high levels only (10,000 ug/ml). Clioquinol and nitroxoline completely suppressed growth at 1 ug or higher, and were highly effective at 0.1 -0.01 ug /ml. The activity of both clioquinol and nitroxoline are similar in to those of dimetridazole,