Insertions in the S1 Spike Glycoprotein of GA13-Type Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) Affect Binding to Chicken Tissues (2505_1)
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Emily Aston DVM
University of Georgia, PDRC

Emily Aston is a veterinarian who graduated from Cornell University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in poultry virology and immunology at the Poultry Diagnostic & Research Center, University of Georgia, where she studies infectious bronchitis virus. She has lived and worked in several Latin American countries and is experienced with animals ranging from dairy cows to vampire bats. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, rock climbing, public speaking, Latin dance, and animated conversations in Spanish.

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The S1 protein of GA13 differs significantly from that of the Pennsylvania nephropathogenic strains via three insertions. We investigated the influence of specific amino acids on the binding of the S1 proteins to different tissue types, which may explain the differences in pathogenicity between respiratory and nephropathogenic strains of IBV.