Multi-Strain Infection by Infectious Bronchitis Variant Viruses in Broiler and Breeder Flocks in Latin America (2506_1)
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Luiz Sesti PhD
Ceva Animal Health

DVM from Federal University of Santa Maria in 1979<br>MSc from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1986<br>PhD from North Carolina State University in 1991<br>36 years of work on Poultry Medicine at academia, laboratory and field settings.<br>Currently Head of Veterinary Services for Latin America in the company Ceva Animal Health.

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CE Level: 2


Three broiler companies in Colombia with several broiler flocks and one breeder flock presenting overt respiratory signs, kidneys’ nephritis lesions, late mortality, decreased egg production and decreased fertile egg quality were investigated for IBV infection. Results from Elisa serology and a molecular diagnostic survey confirmed that flocks had been infected by either one or concomitantly by more than one IBV variant strains (Q1 [China], YEM/L 2865-2005 [Yemen] and K46/10 [South Korea]).