The Effects of Setting Hatching Eggs Upside Down on Embryonic Development and Hatchability (2518_2)
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Myles Hill DVM
Pilgrim's Pride

Myles Hill is a poultry veterinarian who graduated from Mississippi State University in 2015 with his DVM and Master's in poultry medicine. He is currently working for Pilgrims as a staff veterinarian and resides in Tyler, Texas. Most of his time is spent working but also enjoys the outdoors and can be found on the water most weekends.

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CE Credit(s): 0.00
CE Level: 2


Experiment was designed to observe the losses associated with incubation in the upside down vs normal position. Upon hatch, chicks from control and experimental groups were evaluated for chick quality characteristics and hatch of fertile. Unhatched eggs were evaluated to determine live vs dead, age of death and embryo positions.