Characterization of BACrMd5-REV-LTR Virus as MD Vaccine in Commercial Meat Type Chickens: Protection and Immunosuppression (2519_1)
Poultry Posters |  Marek's Disease Virus
Saturday | 12:00 PM -  6:00 PM
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Aneg Lucia Cortes DVM
North Carolina State University, CVM

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CE Level: 2


BACrMd5-REV-LTR is a MD vaccine that contains the LTR of REV into the genome of vvMDV rMd5. This study shows that BACrMd5-REV-LTR subcutaneously administrated at day of age conferred high protection against an early challenge with vv+MDV 648A strain. Furthermore, BACrMd5-REV-LTR did not induce any immunosuppression (transient or permanent).